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2014 Quivira Conference!

Wednesday - Friday, November 12-14

Speakers Presentations, You Tube, TV and Radio Interviews

2014 Quivira Conference Program

Dear Quivira Community

We are all still beaming after our extraordinary gathering last week! Thank you all for joining us for three inspiring days of celebration and Back to the Future thinking. We had radical center conversations about wetlands, ranching, and soil carbon. We explored phytonutrients and food co-ops. We dove into new technologies involving satellites, solar panels, and open source sharing. And our stewardship mapping exercise helped us understand that the Quivira community is still influencing massive acreages around North America: 134 tags were hung on the map, representing 3,624,224.5 acres in 26 states, plus Canada and Mexico!

With all of your support (and acres), Quivira is uniquely positioned to lead the way into the next wave of conservation, but we need just two more things from you now:

1) In the next few days, you will be receiving an email with a short conference on-line survey (10 multiple choice questions) requesting your feedback on the 2014 Quivira Conference. Please take 3 minutes to give us your thoughts so that 2015 will be even better.

2) We made the deliberate decision to keep the unique learning environment at conference free of any fundraising, but keep an eye out for our annual campaign in a few short weeks. Passing the hat keeps us on the ground and working for you all. Together, we can ensure that regenerative land stewardship will rise to it's place in the world...

With deep gratitude,
Avery C. Anderson Sponholtz
Executive Director


Thanks to Andy Dunigan and the Dunigan Family, we are pleased to have offered the $20,000 Clarence Burch Award for 13 years. The Quivira Coalition is honored to present its 2014 Burch Award to the WESTERN SUSTAINABILITY EXCHANGE, a pioneering and inspirational rancherled collaborative group located Bozeman, Montana.
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The Radical Center Awards awards are dedicated to the 'four legs' of The Quivira Coalition's original 'chair' - ranchers, conservationists, civil servants, and researchers. We wish to recognize those individuals in each category who have shown remarkable and enduring leadership in the difficult job of working in the radical center - the place where people are coming together to explore their common interests rather than argue their differences, as author and conservation leader Bill deBuys has described it.
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Civil Service: DAN ROBINETT
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An Evening with Peter Byck, Judith Schwartz and Courtney White

At the 2014 Quivira Conference, November 12

A provocative and informative conversation about carbon, climate, and cattle with filmmaker Peter Byck, and authors Judith D. Schwartz and Courtney White.
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Once relegated to boring chemistry classes and obscure policy debates, carbon is now a hot topic of conversation on ranches, farms, conferences, blogs, radio programs and a host of other forums around the world. Suddenly everyone seems to be talking about carbon! While much of this talk concerns carbon's role as a pollutant in the atmosphere - the worrisome byproduct of burning hydrocarbons such as coal and oil - more and more of the conversation now is focused on carbon's many positive qualities. The carbon cycle, in fact, is key to life on Earth - we wouldn't exist without it.

Peter's recent and substantial work is the documentary Carbon Nation, narrated by Bill Kurtis. And the new series of short films, Soil Carbon Cowboys.
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Judith is author of Cows Save the Planet. And Other Improbable Ways of Restoring Soil to Heal the Earth - Unmaking the Deserts, Rethinking Climate Change, Bringing Back Biodiversity, and Restoring Nutrients to our Food.

GrassSoilHope Cover

Courtney's newest book released this year is, Grass, Soil, Hope: a Journey through Carbon Country.

Gabe Brown and Bill Zeedyk back by popular demand at the 2014 Quivira Conference

Wednesday, November 12:

Gabe and Paul head Web
Gabe Brown returned this year with his son, Paul to share their experiences of taking a degraded ranch and regenerating it through Holistic Practices.
Listen to the audio from the 2014 Quivira Conference

Bill Zeedyk addressed wetlands restoration in working landscapes along with a great line-up of speakers.
Listen to the audio from the 2014 Quivira Conference

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