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Mark your Calendars

We look forward to seeing everyone at our conference and workshops this year.

2015 Quivira Conference - The Next Wave
November 11-13


Watch our website and newsletters for workshop dates and other important information.

Gabe Brown and Bill Zeedyk at the 2014 Quivira Conference

Gabe and Paul head Web
Gabe Brown returned with his son, Paul to share their experiences of taking a degraded ranch and regenerating it through Holistic Practices.
Listen to the audio from the 2014 Quivira Conference and access the power point presentations.
Scroll down to Brown

Featuring Bill Zeedyk on wetlands restoration in working landscapes.
Listen to the audio from the 2014 Quivira Conference and access the power point presentations.
(Scroll down to Zeedyk)

From Mollie Walton,PhD, Land and Water Program Director

Grassy Creek2 Web
Looking back at the last twelve months, I'm astounded at all the work that was accomplished for land health and grateful for the new friends that we made while sharing in this good effort. I want to thank all of our workshop participants and all of the speakers and instructors who spent their precious time with Quivira this year.

In 2014, Quivira hosted 294 attendees at four different workshops. At our Comanche Creek volunteer workshop, we accomplished the rewetting of a slope wetland complex. Two weeks after the workshop--as I was conducting the post-project monitoring at an area that had been drying and losing its wetland vegetation cover--I could barely walk across the area. My dog was nearly swallowed by the rewetted peat soils of a fen. By the time I put down the camera to drag him out, he was up to his handsome neck in black, wet peat! Our collective actions stored a lot of water in these wetland soils at Grassy amounts!

2014Workshop Presentations

Quivira Coalition and Bill Zeedyk Publication

Collaborative Wetlands Restoration in the Southwest - 2014 Quivira Conference Workshop Presentations (scroll to bottom of page - under Bill Zeedyk)

All of us here at Quivira are thinking of your efforts in 2014 with gratitude and looking forward to seeing many of you again in 2015.