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Request for Proposals! A Quivira Land Health Workshop

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Is your land in need of a little restorative push toward greater health? If only there was an organization that wanted to help...
Oh right -- there is! The Quivira Coalition!

In 2015, Quivira wants to engage new audiences by conducting a Quivira Land Health Workshop in your part of the Southwest.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a project that will invite land owners/managers with a specific land health "need" to submit a short proposal to apply for a Quivira Land Health Workshop on their property in 2015.

This project is made possible by a grant from the Paul H. Johanson Fund. We are grateful for the opportunity provided by the Johanson Fund to reach out to land managers who are excited about the possibility of hosting a workshop for a land owner/manager who is relatively new to the Quivira Community.RFP and Read more
Deadline - June 15, 2015

Mark your Calendars

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We look forward to seeing everyone at our conference and workshops this year.

2015 Quivira Conference - The Next Wave
November 11-13


Watch our website and newsletters for conference and workshop dates and other important information.

From the New Agrarian Program

The San Juan Ranch, James Ranch Artisan Cheese, Tooley's Trees and the Quivira Coalition are pleased to welcome the 2015 New Agrarian Program apprentices onto their respective mentor farm or ranch. Courtney arrived at the San Juan Ranch to begin her apprenticeship on March 9th, while Philip Paulson and Josh Raff began their apprenticeships on the James Ranch and Tooley's Trees, respectively, in the third week of March. They are now all fully-immersed in the frenzy of spring, whether it be calving, the first batch of cheese-making, or spring fruit tree grafting.
Read about them from the links below:
Courtney Hurst - San Juan Ranch
Josh Raff - Tooley's Trees
Phil Paulson - James Ranch Artisan Cheese

NAP Apprentices

From Mollie Walton,PhD, Land and Water Program Director

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Looking back at the last twelve months, I'm astounded at all the work that was accomplished for land health and grateful for the new friends that we made while sharing in this good effort. I want to thank all of our workshop participants and all of the speakers and instructors who spent their precious time with Quivira this year.

In 2014, Quivira hosted 294 attendees at four different workshops. At our Comanche Creek volunteer workshop, we accomplished the rewetting of a slope wetland complex. Two weeks after the workshop--as I was conducting the post-project monitoring at an area that had been drying and losing its wetland vegetation cover--I could barely walk across the area. My dog was nearly swallowed by the rewetted peat soils of a fen. By the time I put down the camera to drag him out, he was up to his handsome neck in black, wet peat! Our collective actions stored a lot of water in these wetland soils at Grassy amounts!

All of us here at Quivira are thinking of your efforts in 2014 with gratitude and looking forward to seeing many of you again in 2015.