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2014 Quivira Conference!

Wednesday - Friday, November 12-14


Walk-ins are welcome.
Lunch will not be included for Thursday and Friday walk-ins.

Conference Information and RATES

Embassy Suites Hotel
1000 Woodward Place, NE
Albuquerque, NM, 87102
The group rate is no longer available.
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In this conference we will emphasize agricultural and conservation practices that are "old and yet new" - and have some fun doing it!

The UN designated 2014 as the International Year of Family Farming and tasked it with the goal of raising the profile of family farmers (and ranchers) and the significant role they play in alleviating hunger and poverty, providing food security and nutrition, improving livelihoods, managing natural resources, and protecting the environment. Speakers include; Dorn Cox, Fred Kirschenmann, Winona LaDuke, Bill McDonald, Jo Robinson and others who represent the diversity of the regenerative agriculture movement around the globe.

Join us for three days of inspiring presentations and conversations, including two workshops on day one; wetlands restoration in working landscapes, featuring Bill Zeedyk, and how to build soil through planned grazing, taught by Gabe Brown and his son Paul.

The time for Back to the Future thinking is now!

An Evening with Peter Byck, Judith Schwartz and Courtney White

At the Quivira Conference, Wednesday, November 12 - 7:30-9:00

Join us for a provocative and informative conversation about carbon, climate, and cattle with filmmaker Peter Byck, and authors Judith D. Schwartz and Courtney White.

Once relegated to boring chemistry classes and obscure policy debates, carbon is now a hot topic of conversation on ranches, farms, conferences, blogs, radio programs and a host of other forums around the world. Suddenly everyone seems to be talking about carbon! While much of this talk concerns carbon's role as a pollutant in the atmosphere - the worrisome byproduct of burning hydrocarbons such as coal and oil - more and more of the conversation now is focused on carbon's many positive qualities. The carbon cycle, in fact, is key to life on Earth - we wouldn't exist without it.

Our discussion will focus on the many co-benefits that accrue when the carbon content of the soil is increased, including: better water quality and quantity, drawdown of atmospheric carbon dioxide, improved plant productivity, increased nutrients for our bodies, and much more. The presenters will update us on the latest research, economic opportunities, and policy possibilities connected to soil carbon. Then we'll open the conversation to the audience for additional thoughts and comments.

Come share your thoughts about carbon!

Peter's recent and substantial work is the documentary Carbon Nation, narrated by Bill Kurtis. And the new series of short films, Soil Carbon Cowboys.
Book Cover Web

Judith is author of Cows Save the Planet. And Other Improbable Ways of Restoring Soil to Heal the Earth - Unmaking the Deserts, Rethinking Climate Change, Bringing Back Biodiversity, and Restoring Nutrients to our Food.

GrassSoilHope Cover

Courtney's newest book released this year is, Grass, Soil, Hope: a Journey through Carbon Country.

Authors will be signing books after. We will have a variety of their books available for sale or bring your own book to have signed.

Reservations not necessary

Gabe Brown and Bill Zeedyk back by popular demand at the 2014 Quivira Conference

Wednesday, November 12:

Gabe and Paul head Web
Gabe Brown will return to this years' conference with his son, Paul to share their experiences of taking a degraded ranch and regenerating it through Holistic Practices in a half-day workshop in the afternoon! Read More

Bill Zeedyk will address wetlands restoration in working landscapes along with a great line-up of speakers in a full day workshop.

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